"We look at the whole, before focusing on parts.


Balance can only be achieved when we first look at the whole picture. The hollistic picture"

Life is about balance.

Peace and focus come when you have found that balance, the balance that is right for you. Only then can you can you reach your maximum potential. Our services are designed to support  individuals, groups and businesses find the right mix of elements to grow. whether that be finding internalised  answers through meditation and spiritual awakening. Through empowerment courses designed to give powerfull and lasting insight, focus and motivation.  or through one to sessions designed to allow individuals to work through the whole picture of there lives.

The tools I use are based on a unique mixture of leadership and learning theories, ancient practices, and modern empowerment tequneques.They are sometimes extreme, as with fire walking, but however you choose to work with us I can assure you you will find the results to be powefull, long lasting and life changing.

Meditative & spiritual sessions

We run regular open sessions across Bedfordshire supporting local communities and individuals to find time to relax and unwind from life's pressures in a supportive, fun and informal environment.




Empowerment workshops , seminars and keynote speaking

Empowerment Workshops , seminars and key note speakingUsing a holistic blend of coaching, learning and leadership techniques, extreme empowerment and ancient  practices. Our workshops, seminars and keynote speaches, will help you find confidence, motivation, and focus...

One to One Coaching

Our one to one coaching sessions offer the opportunity to work holistically on finding balance across the elements that you most need support with...





Fire Walking

Specialising in charity, spiritual and empowerment fire walks across the UK. Groups can be booked privately or why not join us on one of our open events held regularly throughout the year.






Fire Entertainment & Extreme Empowerment demonstrations

Have an event coming up? looking for something special? Ask us about fire entertainment. From fire eating and breathing to fire props and Fakir. We can add some wow to your event. Our extreme demonstrations can add some wow to your event. Guest participation optional but encouraged. Ever thought you could walk on glass or break an arrow with your throat?

Charity Fundraising

Supporting others is the absolute heart of our work.

We have an amazing array of powerfull development tools that we use here at Elemental Empowerment.  From the extremes of fire walking to medative practices. Many of these tools can be used to raise awarness and sponsership for charities.



See our reviews

  • positive review  I met Kai and Rachel and a bunch of beautiful beings at a Fire Walk last night. From the second I stepped foot on the land at the Clophill Centre and entered the yurt, I could tell it was going to change me. I was blown away by the process leading up the Fire walk, it is an experience that will forever stay with me. This night is very special and continually surprised me. The energy and excitement in the group was palpable with constant shifts happening from the Fire energy. Kai is a wonderful facilitator who gently guides people at the pace of their own journey. He explains everything at a level that can be met by all types of people from all walks of life. I am so grateful to have walked with everyone and highly recommend this experience. Much gratitude Fire Dancer 🔥

    thumb Kirsty Needham
  • 5 star review  Kai was one of the main Fire Guardians on a FireWalk i took part in last year and i was very impressed with his attention to detail and professionalism at all times. To be honest, i was thoroughly bricking myself going into this event, but Kai put us all at ease throughout the event with the right amount of humour amongst the inspirational words and i came away with a huge number of empowerment teachings that have stayed with me ever since in both my personal and business life.

    thumb Hayley Hilton
  • 5 star review  Kai worked with me through some meditation to help with my anxiety. He taught me some techniques that I could take home and use when I need them. Highly recommended!

    thumb Rachel Nurton-Turner
  • 5 star review  I have taken part in a number of empowerment courses with Kai, Some of the many varied activities that I have taken part in with him include, Gorge walking, the breaking of a piece of wood, walking on glass, an arrow break with my throat, and fire walking. These challenges have helped me to grow within myself and become more confident and sure of myself and more confident with others. Kai has a gift of putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable and confident to complete the different activities.

    thumb Iain Keogh
  • positive review  Fantastic. Kai knows his stuff and is very spiritual. Any event where Kai is involved will be well organised and powerful.

    thumb Stella M Gooch
  • 5 star review  I can not recommend elemental empowerment enough. If you are looking for coaching to get you back on your path or need the branches blocking the way removed the coaching and techniques shared and support offered is second to none. Always delivered in a way that is about sharing and helping you discover the answers from within the process including some amazing mediation methods has always been a positive and insightful.

    thumb Will Sparrow
  • positive review  Where do I start? I guess - wow!!! I’m speechless, blown away, and frankly totally buzzing from the most amazing evening! I got to meet a group of truly heartwarming people, where we all shared the amazing experience Kai and Rachel organised! From mediation, to learning to work with fire to finally walking across fire! I don’t think I will ever forget the experience and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone, feel empowered, and learn something new! Plus, the beautiful gift at the end we all will treasure forever as a symbol of our time together!!! Thank you Kai Thank you Rachel Thank you to the 11 others I shared this experience with 💕

    thumb Joanna King
  • 5 star review  I took part in the fire walk to help raise funds for Mission Rabies so that was the push to take part Empowerment is definitely the feeling you get as you through tasks. Kia was great with his guidance, encouragement and reassurance to ensure we were able to complete our end goal the fire walk great achievement would recommend to anyone 😊🔥

    thumb Carol Ford Sdc
  • positive review  Attended my first event run by Kai a couple of weekends ago, and found it a welcoming experience for someone relatively new to it all. I went in knowing a little, but not a lot, and kept an open mind about how it would impact upon me. The guided meditation was exactly what I needed at the time, and Kai was supportive while also encouraging me to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something I never believed I would be able to do. The firewalk was optional as Kai ensured that people only took part if they felt ready, and I am so grateful I was ready to take those steps. I would definitely recommend booking with Kai whether you are new to this field or experienced, and look forward to attending again.

    thumb Jane Dudeney
  • 5 star review  Elemental Empowerment (Kai) came to Cheshire and organised a firewalking session for me and some friends to raise money for Mission Rabies. The sponsorship we raised purchased life saving vaccinations to go and vaccinate dogs in Sri Lanka, thus helping eradicate rabies and stop the needless human (mainly children) + dog deaths it causes. The empowerment seminar that lead up to the firewalk was brilliant. Kai went through everything clearly and made it such a fun session for participants and spectators alike. Then the firewalk at the end was absolutely amazing, non of us ever believed we could do it and yet we all did (some with more ease than others) and non of us had any burns on feet afterwards - amazing! A definite must do for anyone even slightly interested, get it on your bucket list.

    thumb Kerry Arnold