So far in 2019, we have helped to raise:


for charities and good causes

(last updated 22/04/19)

Supporting others is the absolute heart of our work.

We have an amazing array of powerfull development tools that we use here at Elemental Empowerment.  From the extremes of fire walking to medative practices. Many of these tools can be used to raise awarness and sponsership for charities. Best of all many of these we can do for no charge to your charity or good cause.

From our infamous glass, where you can feel the glass bottles breaking under your feet, to our 1200f fire walks and breaking arrows with your throat. What your body and mind are capable of is both amazing and inspiring.

Our charity events offer not only the opportunity to raise funds and local awareness. They also give back to the people who are supporting your causes, all our charity events are empowering for the participant and will offer long-lasting positive memories for spectator and participant alike.

Our main charity event is our fire walks, these include a 2hr build up seminar, where participants get to experience many of our empowerment tequneques.

Howerever we can also offer bespoke support from fire entertainment or custom empowerment seminars to raise funds. As a brief idea take a look at the list below of just some of the things we can do to support you.

The best thing to do though is have a browse round the web site to get an idea of who we are then contact us directly.

We don't have a one size fits all packedge, rather we try to help every charity we can through being adaptable to your needs.  Remember that 90% of the time we can do that for no cost to your charity and when we do have to charge we ensure that the value we bring will increase revenue and awareness.

Some charity ideas:
  • sponsored fire walk
  • Sponsored glass walk
  • Sponsored fire entertainment training
  • Empowerment seminar for paying guests
  • entertainment at events
  • Talks and demonstrations

Further Infomation

If you've had a look round our website and think maybe we can help you, either click the link to drop us an email. Or use the contact details in the footer below to give us a quick call