We are extremely proud to have been accepted as a founding member of the Global Firewalk Association

we are honoured to have been accepted into  The Global Firewalk Association (GFA) as a founding member.

This is an acknowledgement of our dedication to providing safe, nurturing and empowering Firewalk experiences.  We are committed to supporting as many people as possible to access the ancient art of Firewalking and with the support of the GFA will ensure that Firewalking continues to grow for generations to come.


So far in 2019, we have supported:


people to cross the coals

Last updated 22/04/19

"Firewalking is  a life-changing practice, whether you approach it from an empowerment, spiritual or traditional ritual perspective, it has the power to absolutely change your way of thinking"


Why Firewalk with us?

Primarily... We are an insured, trained and certified provider of Fire Walks. Certified by The Fire Walking Centre in the proven techniques used and established by Tolly Burkan, its founder.  Qualified as a Firewalk instructor in 2015 we are honoured to be a founding member of the Global Firewalk association.

We have an excellent track history of putting on safe, enjoyable and unique events,  drawing from the amazing work of our "founding father" Tolly Burkan and adding our own toolsets and experiences from a background in leadership, outdoor pursuits, and fire entertainment.

Above all else .. we operate a completely transparent and honest view of who we are.. we allow guests to review us on our Facebook page, both positively and negatively. (Very few companies leave this function on). At the top of the page is how many people have walked with us this year. On our charity page is the total we have assisted in raising this year and on our testimonial page, blog page and gallery you will find reviews,  links to guest posts about their experiences and genuine pictures and video from our varied events.  We are a small team, committed and passionate about our work.  We treat each walk as a unique opportunity to provide what our guests need. Talk to us, you will soon see how passionate we are.

spiritual, holistic and meditative firewalking

The core of all our work is a holistic approach. We look at the bigger picture before focusing on the detail.  Our ancestors called this "Birds view" where we now get the saying "a bird's eye view".

It is often forgotten that firewalking is an ancient cleansing technique believed to induce rapid spiritual growth and bring about immense change to our lives on this earth.  We run our Spiritual Firewalks based on Shamanic practices. Drawing from the remnants of the Celtic and Nordic ancestry, of these lands and supplementing it with the ongoing native American traditions where appropriate.

We run our spiritual and meditative groups within an open-hearted and welcoming perspective, you do not need to be immensely spiritually experienced or have a solid grounding in meditation to enjoy these sessions. We welcome all and evenings like our "Elemental fire" are purposefully designed to give people access to holistic and spiritual experiences in a easy to engage with manner... all we ask is you come with an open heart and a willingness to step into a place of honesty, support and community much like our ancestors had within their tribes.


Empowerment Workshops

Firewalking is an immensely powerful tool for personal growth. By its very nature, it forces us to look at the potential consequences of our actions and make a choice of whether or not the action is worth those consequences. Its strength as a breakthrough exercise can literally be life-changing. Once you have Firewalked your outlook on what is possible will be dramatically and positively altered.

Our Firewalk based empowerment events use multiple tools to build you to a point where you are ready to take on the self responsibility of choosing whether or not to step onto the Firewalk.

We still approach empowerment sessions from a holistic viewpoint. We aim to give you long-lasting, meaningful change in an enjoyable, reflective manner.

Charity events

Firewalking is a great way to draw crowds, raise awareness and funds for your good cause. We can support you through the entire process from venue choice, advertising methods and enlarging your evening.

We can cater for smaller charities as well as national charities running large events. Depending on the methodology you choose we can often put these events on for absolutely no upfront cost to you, the charity.

Firewalking charity group sdtanding by 1200f coals, just after there firewalk

Next steps

We run regular fire walks across the year. To view our uppcoming events click the link below. Alternatively to discuss us setting up an event for you, please contact us to discuss your ideas and needs

Want to know more ?

Keep scrolling down for FAQ's and a history of fire walking or go to our gallery page to see some of our recent events

Ok, the obvious question.. Can I get burnt ?

Walking on red hot coals is obviously inherently dangerous. Our fire is very real, we do not walk on extinguished ash. If you choose to walk with us you will get a genuine opportunity to firewalk on embers exceeding 800 degrees fahrenheit.

That being said, in over 15 years of fire entertainment and 4 years of instructing charity, empowerment and spiritual fire walks I have never personally seen anything larger than blisters smaller than my little finger nail. If you follow the instructions given, the experience of walking should feel no more than the palms of your hands feel after you have clapped your hands together very hard (a tingling sensation).

Managing the risk

To ensure as safe as possible firewalk we manage as many of the variables and risks  as we can.

  • We use seasoned woods of a regular size (from sustainable sources) ensuring a routine, consistant burn with no risk of foreign objects embeded in the wood.
  • We NEVER walk on Pine, yes it is sustainable using offcuts from a merchant yard, cheaper for us and quicker to burn down.. but the resin content can stick to your feet and wood from merchant yards carries a risk of nails, screws and other dangerous objects.
  • We empower you to walk, never pushing you.. always making it absolutly clear that it is your decision.
  • Our fires are continuously watched from the moment they're built to ensure no contaminants get on them.
  • We always have hoses available to control the fire and to attend to your safety. (We don't just use buckets)
  • I am personally a trained Emergency care attendant ( first responder) and one of my team is a Paramedic.
Do I have to walk if I attend a firewalk event?

No, absolutly not, we will never nudge, guilt trip or cajole you into walking. Choosing not to walk can be as empowering as walking.. there will always be another opportunity on a later date if you wish. It is absolutely your choice to firewalk or not to on any event.

When did firewalking start?

When Fire walking started is a mystery, however Fire walking is most certainly an ancient practice.

The earliest known direct references to fire walking as a “event” dates to around 1200BC. However, the earliest form of actual written language cuneiform has references to tests of fire, which are strongly believe to have elements of both Fakir (fire against bare skin) and firewalking within them, this dates back to 3000BC. there are also several oral tales from cultures around the world referencing firewalking as ritual practice suggested to date back to around 2000BC.

Even the Romans fire-walked. Romans were exempt from paying taxes if they could demonstrate their ability to walk on fire without burning!  The Greek Anastenarides danced on hot coals for hours to honour Saint Constantine and Saint Helen. The  Kahunas of Hawaii let molten lava harden to just enough to hold their weight before walking on it. The simple answer though is we may  never be certain of when the tradition started. I personally believe fire walking in some form has been with us since we learnt to control fire.

Modern day:

Fire walking still takes place across the world for ceremony, religious and empowerment purposes.
Kung bushmen in Africa still use Fire-dance as a healing ritual for the tribe. Their ceremony not only includes fire-walking but also rolling on fire. In Bali, fire dancing is the coming of age ritual for seven-year-old girls. Native American tribes still use fire walking as a healing tool and in India the Fakir ceremonies that include fire walking continue on massive scales to this day.
Across eastern Europe fire walking has retained a strong foothold as a traditional ceremony and the growing Shamanic and Pagan rival has brought fire walking as a healing and ceremonial tool back to many parts of the western world.

Running alongside the cultural practices from around the globe, Fire walking is now strongly recognised as a empowerment and self-development tool and the instructorship that allows us to bring fire walking to you as safely as possible stems from the work and research done in 1977 by Tolly Burkan.

How is fire walking possible?

There are a lot of scientific theories out there about how people are capable of walking on fire without getting burnt. If you are inclined to read up, the Liedenfrost effect is is a major contender and includes a video of a man putting his hand into molten lead. Other ideas suggest the ash acts as an insulator or that your feet are not in contact with the coals long enough for your feet to burn. Beyond the scientific and into the realms of the holistic and spiritual it is believed that you can control your body through your mindset and not burn. Whatever you choose to believe the fact remains that skin and flesh chars at contact with 300 degrees Fahrenheit and we regularly walk on coals four times that temperature with no ill effect.

power of fire