"The heart of our work is in finding balance.  To me, our spirituality is an integral part of that."  - Kai

Our meditative and spiritual sessions are based on Shamanic and Daoist philosophies,  ancient tribal ceromony, meditative pactices and relaxation techniques.  They are a unique fusion of old and new, designed to be welcoming for people taking thier first steps into spiritual practice yet deep enough to bring about meaningful life change. 

My personal belief is that whatever spiritual path you choose it should be part of your every day life, both meaningful and relevant to our modern society yet respectful of our traditions, heritage and spiritual paths. The sessions and cermonies I run are designed to work in harmony with our ancestral teachings whilst giving you the tools and confidence to continue your own spiritual growth and practice within your daily lives.


Preparation of a spiritual firewalk
North American alter representing the elements

Regular sessions and groups

I run sessions throughout the year, from one-off experiences, to programs to help develop your spirtuality and find the life-balance that can bring.  As with all our work, balance, focus and direction are our guiding principles. Our sessions can be challanging, they are designed to stimulate growth and are based on traditions that our ancestors would recognise. You will always feel supported, nurtured and safe within our groups and we welcome participation and the strength that other's experiences can bring to our circle. These courses are about tribe support as much as traditional ceromony and spiritual practice.

Whether you are looking for the peace of meditation, the teachings of Shamanic journeying or the spiritual energies and recharge of our cermonies. You will always find our sessions developing and nurturing with  fun and community at the heart,  all grounded in traditional spiritual practice.

I look foward to having you join our circle soon.

Current sessions and groups

All of our courses and dates can be found in the events section of our website by clicking the button below. Although you can book tickets directly from there, I also  welcome your calls and emails to discuss our courses and to help you find the right path for you.

Spiritual courses overview

The sessions we offer  are constanty growing and developing but below is a short introduction on each of the courses we will be running through out 2019 for further infomation on any of these courses view our events page or contact us directly

Elemental Fire - An evening of guided meditations and reflection around the Element of fire.

For generations, our ancestors have sat around fires and looked into the flames for meaning...
Since those earliest days, a spiritual link has developed between fire's cleansing energies, meditative qualities, and raw power. Inseparably bound to our physical needs of safety, light, and warmth, it is a tangible link to our earliest days and beliefs.
It is with great pleasure that I offer an evening of guided meditations, reflection, and ancestral stories, working directly with the elemental energies of fire.
The evening takes place in a  traditional yurt with guided meditations, discussions, support, and reflection, before the opportunity to work directly with the fire in preparation for a meditational firewalk, based on the practices of our ancestors. Usually ran every second month in Bedfordshire. If you would like to see this event in your area contact us to discuss.

poster for holistic fire walking
An Elemental fire group from January 19 after firewalking with us
Another brave guest takes the first steps over our holistic firewalk
1200F coals walked over without fear or burns. This is the power of belief and comitment