Wherever you are in life, whatever your goals are, finding a truly balanced approach to the aspects of your life is essential to finding motivation, focus and long-term happiness. Holistic life coaching can help you find that balance and support you throughout your journey.

Why choose Elemental Empowerment?

Finding the right coach for you is essential. Successful coaching requires an honest and candid relationship, where trust and respect are at the forefront. Beyond that, coaching should be empowering, fun and something to look forward to.  To ensure I am right for you and can offer you the support and guidance you need, I offer a 50 minute face to face initial consultation or phone consultation for a reduced rate of £20. There is further infomation about my experience and qualifications at the bottom of this page.

Why holistic coaching?

We all need support in many aspects of our lives. Our friends, family and colleagues can offer this to us. Yet when it comes down to looking at the bigger picture, to really working on self-improvement across the broader aspects of life, identifying goals, let alone setting them and having the toolset to achieve them, can feel impossible. Having a holistic coach can help with this, as we can look at your immediate goals and put plans and support in place to help achieve them, whilst also looking at how this fits in with your life plans and personal needs.

Focusing on five major elements of your life and adapting our sessions to meet your personal needs, together we can help you find motivation, focus and the happiness that only life-balance can bring.


What are the benefits of one to one coaching?


Life changes

Our lives change and develop constantly and finding balanced support, advice and guidance can be challenging. If you are exploring your life options, about to go through a huge upheaval at work or at home, wanting to make real and long-lasting changes to your life, then our balanced approach can be there to support you throughout.


Building relationships with friends, family and co-workers is key to finding happiness and life-balance. Having regular, supportive and honest coaching can help you to find new approaches, develop your interpersonal skills and evaluate the relationships in your life in a positive manner.


Goal setting

Setting realistic, obtainable and clearly defined life goals is essential to moving forwards and seeing the achievements you are making. Having a coach there to support you with finding what is important and creating the action plans and goals will help you stay motivated, focused and help set you on the path that is right for you.


Achieving life-balance can be difficult, it involves honestly reflecting on all aspects of your life and being open to creating change. Having a holistic based coach can help with this.  I specialise in looking at the bigger picture, discussing your needs and motivations, before using a varied range of tools to support you to where you wish to be in life.



Your confidence changes depending on where you are in your life and what tasks and events you are partaking in.  Whatever your circumstances, I can help you to find genuine, non-ego-based confidence, that will help drive you forwards in a manner that will support and nurture your personal growth.

Booking information and costs


We run both evening and daytime sessions and there is some flexibility in timings however, sessions are limited and priority is given on a first come basis. Each session is 50 minutes and we book sessions in blocks of 5, with payment either up front or on the day. Although I prefer to work face to face, online video calls and phone calls are also available to suit needs.

We also offer one-off focused sessions for specific “life events” like an upcoming interview or other specific need. These sessions comprise of a 15-minute phone call pre-session to discuss needs followed by up to a 90 min session.  These sessions are more focused on a specific event or need opposed to the bigger picture. Anything identified in these sessions that is separate from the original phone consultation can be picked up in regular sessions on an agreed date.

If you wish to know more or to book sessions, click the link and contact us.



Our one-to-one sessions are cheaper than you may think…

Dependant on needs, coaching can be as little as £40 a session (if booked in blocks and paid in advance).  Sessions can be booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your needs.

Our focused sessions start at £70 all-inclusive and can be booked at short notice (dependant on availability).

About Kai

You can find out more about me in general and our holistic approach on our  About Us  page or through reading our  Blog  posts.

From a coaching perspective though, the infomation below should give an inclination of what I can offer:

Before starting Elemental Empowerment, I have worked at senior management and exec levels across the recruitment, careers and retail sectors, managing start up projects and programs, high level recruitment programs and large staff teams. Academically educated to degree level in leadership, with multiple internationally recognised advice and guidance, leadership, management and facilitation qualifications, I have the experience to mentor you towards your goals. To me, the qualifications isn’t necessarily the important bit but it has given me a good grounding to support others in their career aspirations.

Holistically I have followed a balanced approach to life. Focusing on spirituality, health and wellbeing equally alongside aspirations to success and career. I focus on bringing spiritual teachings from Shamanism and Daoist practice into everyday life, in a way that is understandable and practical to everyone.

“I believe it’s important to understand that we can have career aspirations, big dreams and succeed in modern society whilst still retaining a spiritual and holistic path that empowers us towards healthy, happy lives” - Kai

Walking this path can sometimes prove challenging but it is always rewarding and looking at ourselves as whole is, in my belief,  the only way to find true contentment and happiness.

If  you really want to get to know me as a coach, the best thing to do is book your initial  one-to-one consultation session. There is no obligation to sign up to sessions after, although your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

I hope you choose to join me on your path and together we can work towards producing the best version of yourself.

Picture of Kai, Owner and founder of Elemental Empowerment