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Other events:

Social fire gathering and firewalk

Our “Open Firewalk” is the opportunity to relax and talk around the flames. For those who have firewalked before, the fire will be opened to Firewalkers at the end of the evening.
This gathering is intended for anyone who wishes to join us to socialise, share stories, meet like-minded people or just to relax by the warmth of the fire. We welcome friends and family of all ages but anyone who wishes to Firewalk must be over the age of 18 and have previous experience. You are welcome to bring food and (non-alcoholic) drinks to share with the group (some snacks and drinks will be available). You may also wish to bring warm clothing, blankets, cushions (or something else to sit on) and a torch. musical instruments also welcome.
We have access to the kitchen and yurt on the evening.

The cost is £15 for the evening for firewalkers,  £5 for  non walkers and children are free.

see our webpage for more details: www.elementalempowerment.co.uk.

There is no online ticketing for this event, if you are interested in joining us, please send us a message so that we have a rough idea of how many people will be coming along. Please bring correct money on the evening.

Our next Open Firewalk will be held on Friday 14th June from 1830-2130. We look forward to seeing you there.

**Please note that there will be no instructorship on firewalking on the night so if you wish to firewalk, you must have previous experience, either with ourselves or another qualified instructor, contact us if you are unsure**

Fortnightly support and relaxation circle

Sitting in circle is an ancient tradition, where the tribe would come together to discuss common interests, issues and work together both physically and spiritually to find balance.

Its with respect to our ancestor’s wisdom we offer a place for likeminded individuals to come, relax, recharge, laugh, cry, talk and seek advice from the circle.
Facilitated by myself (Kai) but designed to be an open session where individuals can guide the night to gain the support they need.
Evenings will be based around our usual mix of ancient Shamanic and Daoist practices with elements of empowerment thrown in where needed.
Expect meditations, shamanic journeying, group support, openness, drumming, ancient wisdom, fun and laughter. This is an opportunity to create and join a tribe of like-minded individuals and start your week off, in a balanced and holistic manner.
Based fortnightly in the amazing Ger (yurt) At the Clophill centre, we couldn’t ask for a better environment or space to create our tribe in.

Cost £10 payable on evening.

Please drop us a message if you are joining us, so I can keep track of rough numbers.

All are absolutely, welcome, no experience necessary

Do I need to bring anything?
• Generally, we sit on the floor in the yurt, there are large pillows available to sit on. However, if you have anything you would usually use whilst meditating such as a blanket, blindfold, mat or pillow, please feel free to bring them. The aim is to be as comfortable as possible. If you struggle to get up and down from the floor, don’t worry there are seats available.
• Some people like to bring a notebook to write thoughts and feelings down, it’s not essential but it can help you take more out of the evening.
• A water bottle can be useful for whilst in circle.
• Something to make a noise with, a drum, rattle or even two sticks to hit together.  I do have a few spares to share round but even rice in a pot will do.

See our Facebook reviews

  • 5 star review  Thank you for the support at the Clapham Scout Fire work nights over the years. Your fire entertainment is amazing, would highly recommend you to anyone looking to add some wow. Best of luck to you and Elemental Empowerment"

    thumb Chris Hardwick
  • positive review  Had a really great time and experienced something new. Kai and the team was awesome and Accommodating

    thumb Leah Red
  • positive review  Amazing evening, thankyou

    thumb Chelle O'Neill
  • 5 star review  I have taken part in a number of empowerment courses with Kai, Some of the many varied activities that I have taken part in with him include, Gorge walking, the breaking of a piece of wood, walking on glass, an arrow break with my throat, and fire walking. These challenges have helped me to grow within myself and become more confident and sure of myself and more confident with others. Kai has a gift of putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable and confident to complete the different activities.

    thumb Iain Keogh
  • positive review  What a truly amazing evening with Kai, Rachel and a random group of amazing people. Sharing and working with the element of fire! As a believer of spirituality and shamanism, I was blown away by the energy and powerful effect of being part of a sacred circle. More amazing was watching the faces of those more sceptical. How people’s expressions began to change as they opened their hearts and minds ! Still buzzing and alive and filled with positivity and gratitude. Special people, special place and the universe supported us all with clear skies, beautiful constellations and our feet were warm!! 🔥💫🌔 I would recommend that everyone would benefit from an evening of Fire Ceremony.

    thumb Jill Maddock
  • positive review  Fantastic. Kai knows his stuff and is very spiritual. Any event where Kai is involved will be well organised and powerful.

    thumb Stella M Gooch
  • positive review  Wow!!!! Where do I start? I really felt I needed just this! I feel so empowered and renewed from this evening. From the meditation, to speaking from the heart, to eating fire! And finishing with walking over fire! Never would of thought I was capable of doing such things but I’m so proud of myself! The people I met that evening I will remember forever! Truely an amazing group of like minded people that I am also so proud of! Thankyou so much to Kai and Rachel for this life changing evening! Highly highly reccomend to anyone thinking of doing it! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    thumb Hollie Cameron
  • 5 star review  Kai was one of the main Fire Guardians on a FireWalk i took part in last year and i was very impressed with his attention to detail and professionalism at all times. To be honest, i was thoroughly bricking myself going into this event, but Kai put us all at ease throughout the event with the right amount of humour amongst the inspirational words and i came away with a huge number of empowerment teachings that have stayed with me ever since in both my personal and business life.

    thumb Hayley Hilton
  • positive review  I met Kai and Rachel and a bunch of beautiful beings at a Fire Walk last night. From the second I stepped foot on the land at the Clophill Centre and entered the yurt, I could tell it was going to change me. I was blown away by the process leading up the Fire walk, it is an experience that will forever stay with me. This night is very special and continually surprised me. The energy and excitement in the group was palpable with constant shifts happening from the Fire energy. Kai is a wonderful facilitator who gently guides people at the pace of their own journey. He explains everything at a level that can be met by all types of people from all walks of life. I am so grateful to have walked with everyone and highly recommend this experience. Much gratitude Fire Dancer 🔥

    thumb Kirsty Needham
  • 5 star review  I can not recommend elemental empowerment enough. If you are looking for coaching to get you back on your path or need the branches blocking the way removed the coaching and techniques shared and support offered is second to none. Always delivered in a way that is about sharing and helping you discover the answers from within the process including some amazing mediation methods has always been a positive and insightful.

    thumb Will Sparrow